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Spring Integration with JGroups

This time something different, a framework 🙂

From time to time, even I, professional framework “hater”, need to write or contribute to some framework. Just to prove how “bad, bad, bad” frameworks are 🙂 Just to feel “filthy” and “dirty”. Just to feel this chill down my spine, when I have to frame my thoughts within boundaries set by somebody else:)

This time I was playing with Spring Integration, an interesting approach to implementation of patterns described in a book
“Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions” by Greg Hohpe and Bobby Woolf, a real classic.
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Testing asynchronous code

This is my first every “quicky”.

Recently I didn’t have time to write posts as I was travelling back and forth to conferences, code katas and so on. I have a long list of things to write about, and not enough time to give it attention they need. In the meantime I get distracted by my “pet” projects, articles and posts. Usual thing. Ok, enough excuses 🙂

Whenever I got a chance to squeeze time and space, I am working in a spare time on my projects… , actually haven’t committed to my “pet” projects a single line of code for a month or so. This is sad story about every single of my “pet” projects. It is not that I am lazy :), it is more because of a broken connection in my brain. Because of this broken connection when I build concept or an idea for a “pet” project my brain “gets high” pretty fast, I work on it day and night, commits flow into repository like waters of holy river Ganges, until the “aha” moment.
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What is Software Architecture?

What is Software Architecture?

Are you brave enough to stand up in front of the crowd and answer this question? What is Software Architecture? Are you brave enough to go away from frameworks and programming languages and talk about design, paradigms and systems’ scalability, performance and resiliency? Call for papers is still open and we still accept topic’s submissions. Let’s meet on 12 April,2013 in Warsaw at 4Developers conference.

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Stop Refactoring!

This post is not for people who take life too seriously, and not for people who know the answer to the ultimate question about meaning of life.
This post is not for people who don’t get Monty Python jokes, and not for people who do not get sarcasm, take everything personally, and who don’t share this vision,that life is just a ride.

I promised myself, that my next post will be about some nice framework, or some important architecture pattern or challenging technical problem,like reliable multicast or exclusive consumers, my little two daemons, my Moirai, my own personal road to hell.And again I have failed, failed to not get distracted by Twitter and blogs 🙂

So this post is my own take on “megasoftwarecraftsmanshipper”, strategic refactorization and somehow lously coupled with latest discussion between Uncle Bob and Ted Neward.
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Dojo, kata and software architecture

I am back home after architectural kata, where I played role of a “customer”, for the first time.I am tired, but smiling. Team was unbelievable, problem we were trying to solve quirky enough, discussions during presentations of architectures were great, tons of good “critical thinking”. Everyone was treated equally and had to survive under constant fire of questions from the audience.

On my way home I realized that I have learned something really important, even more important then discussed designs and technology stacks.

These things are so important that I have to share it with you, my dear reader. It is nothing that would change your life, rather things we tend to forget about.
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Software complexity

Another quote from my famous stoned friend.

– “What is software complexity, my friend?”
– “It is number of possible end states, man”
– “If this is true, isn’t like software’s complexity is a “new entropy”?”
– “You’re right”
– “So what can we do about it?”
– “Looking back at the history of science, not much my friend 😦 ”

Software architecture is not about technology, and what is even more important it is not about business.

It is not a full time job,
it is not position in CV,
it is not set of rules and principles,
and for god’s sake it is not about best practices.

Software architecture is about change. About being leaders of change.

Software archit…


Practical Spring Data

Practical Spring Data

This time I will conduct training, “Practical Spring Data” at 33rd Degree conference. So if you want to become master in Spring Data, different NoSQL models and get to know how to write less to express more, come and join me on 11th of March in Warsaw.

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Do you really hate frameworks?

“Do you really hate frameworks?” – this question won a contest for the most popular question after my talk at JDD this year. I don’t remember exactly how many discussions I had after my presentation, how many questions about my personal trauma caused by programming languages, paradigms and frameworks. I have to say that this makes me feel good about my presentation. I don’t know if you liked it, if you liked my style, slides and my English was good enough. One thing I know for sure is that my message was heard and was not lost in translation. I tend to have people confused after my presentations, they don’t know what I wanted to say.I usually have too many thoughts at once, too many views and never ever show last slide :).

Do I really hate frameworks?. Yes I do. Do I? No, I don’t hate them. It is really complex and dynamic relation. It is hard to say if I love or hate, something that is not alive. I can love or hate people, but I cannot say the same about frameworks. At the end of the day it is all about people, people who create and use frameworks, paradigms and programming langues. It is all about us,
lost in a universe of unknown , which expands with the speed of light. It is all about us, who master our skills to communicate better and better with machines, and lost our ability to express our thoughts in a “human readable” form.
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JDD 2012 and local space distractions

JDD 2012 and local space distractions

I am back. With tons of ideas to try, new memories and people I will always remember.

I am posting a link to my presentation, which turned into “abstract musings and my own trauma of frameworks, languages and paradigms” according to one of attendees. Thanks all who have come to my talk, gave me feedback afterwards and sipped “cherry” with me till late night at after party.

See you soon.